I started a simple compilation of trades from the 18th century with the intention of explaining them in blog articles for the use of anyone who wants to create a first person character; however, I am such a diligent (compulsive) researcher this treatise quickly surpassed 170 pages and continues to grow.

This will be far too large a document to post on the blog, so we will entertain the idea of making it available to all who want it, for a nominal fee, of course.

We are firm believers that there is far more to historical interpretation than “dressing up”, and I hope this will give interested persons a look at what they might have actually done during the 18th century.  The eager reader will want to choose a trade and master it, while one with a mere passing interest might read enough to be able to discuss a trade in a first person exchange.  Homeschool groups may find it complements their curriculum.  Whatever your level of interest, I believe this treatise will be of invaluable assistance to you.

Only primary 18th century sources were used and are given to allow for further reading.

Interested parties may enquire at thistledewbooks @ yahoo.com or mpbrady30 @ aol.com (type without spaces.]

Copyright, Victoria Brady.  May not be reproduced without the express consent of the author. ©

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I write articles for various magazines and books about foods and cooking techniques. My work centers primarily around historic foods and I travel throughout the country doing cooking demonstrations at various local, state, and national venues and teaching an occasional period cooking class. I've done cooking demonstrations on national and local television, including Chicago's WGN.

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