A Brief Look at 18th Century Apothecaries© – Victoria Brady

(Part of a series of articles on 18th century professions as were practiced before and after the Revolutionary War.  Men had professions before they became soldiers to fight for independence and they planned to resume that work afterward.) Apothecaries have been around since antiquity probably gaining little in knowledge prior to the 18th century. AnContinue reading “A Brief Look at 18th Century Apothecaries© – Victoria Brady”

Medical Care in Colonial America©

“The Apothecary”, Frans van Mieris, 1714. In the early days of New England medicine, the clergy often administered physical care as well as tending the spirit and at least two eastern governors saw to the physic of the local citizenry. Gov. Winthrop of Connecticut and New Haven was, per Cotton Mather, “furnished with noble medicines,Continue reading “Medical Care in Colonial America©”