By: Vickie Brady, aka the historicfoodie To know what type buttons were used in the 18th century we look at paintings which are often easy to date, what has been discovered in archaeological digs, and what we find in run-away ads or merchant advertisements.  Buttons were made from a variety of materials including various metals,Continue reading 18TH CENTURY BUTTONS©”


By:  Vickie Brady Several people asked to see the dress after Caroline’s splendid introduction for Martin’s presentation at the March DAR meeting so I will oblige.  The original dress was made in Scotland in 1750 and worn for a wedding.  It became a tradition that every bride in that family wore the dress – theContinue reading A RECREATED WEDDING

The 18th Century Short Gown.

By: Victoria Brady, aka thehistoricfoodie I’d like to introduce the 18th century short gown.  Short gowns could be very plain for doing hard work or made of nicer fabric and even trimmed with ruffles or ruching for wear in any, other than very dressy/formal, occasions. Judging from the mentions found in early writings they seem toContinue reading “The 18th Century Short Gown.”