Presentation for Montevallo University’s Upward Bound Students.

I was given two hours to present an overall view of 18th century life for these students. It was incredibly difficult to condense everything into this two-hour time slot, but that’s about as long as the students were able to concentrate anyway. I discussed historic foods and cooking techniques, herbal medicine, gardening, common wild plant foods, laundry, etc. etc. Students were allowed time to ask questions and I enjoyed a brief discussion on 18th century gardening with one of them whose family farm provides a wide array of vegetables.

Published by thehistoricfoodie

I write articles for various magazines and books about foods and cooking techniques. My work centers primarily around historic foods and I travel throughout the country doing cooking demonstrations at various local, state, and national venues and teaching an occasional period cooking class. I've done cooking demonstrations on national and local television, including Chicago's WGN.

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